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Financially support 

We currently need funds to realize the Work&Shop Creative Center. 

You can make your donation via the GoFundMe page. Here you can read how. 

Would you like to inform me of your donation? Feel free to send me an email.


Would you like to be an 'ambassador'?

Level 1 ambassador:

You will receive hard copies of the flyer from me that you can share in your circle (association, club, church, community, company, school, etc.). You can also promote my newsletter via social media.

Level 2 ambassador: 

You help us with fundraising for the Work&Shop through promotion (e.g. a Do Good Campaign) among groups that have an affinity with our mission. For example, craft/technical schools, carpentry companies, timber merchants, wholesalers, hobby shops and clubs. When I am in the Netherlands, we can make a number of visits together and I would be happy to talk live about my mission work!


Moral support is nice!

Include us in your prayers, send us a card by post, or come visit us when you are on holiday in Tanzania, Karibu sana!

Do you have another great idea to support us from the Netherlands? Let me know, I'm curious :)

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Image by Chang Duong


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