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Support us:
with the construction of a  Work&Shop Creative
Center in Mwanza

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Dear Family, Friends, Supporters, and Africa Lovers,


I'm writing to share news about a plan that my team and I have been working on wholeheartedly over the past few months;Building a 295 square meter Work&Shop Creative Center for young entrepreneurs in Mwanza (Tanzania)!


After spending almost 10 years of my life in Africa and working with the African community, it feels good to take our knowledge and experience to the next level and further the lives of dedicated people in the city of Mwanza. In this proposal you can read about the plan we have and how you can support us to make this a reality!


We have been working for days on a proposal that we would like to share with you via the video below (you can enlarge it and pause it). If you would like to receive the document in PDF (English or Dutch), please send me an email to

To achieve our goal, we have set a fundraising amount of95,912.- euros. It almost makes me shy (that's an understatement...), but I keep saying to myself "You can't win, if you don't try..!" I need your help with this!


We have created a GoFundMe page where you can make a donation:

All donaties will go eventually to the Bresillac Foundation. In case you prefer to donate to them directly, please find their details below. The foundation has an ANBI status.


Country: Netherlands

Name: Bresillac Foundation

Account/IBAN number: NL12ABNA0400614030


Mention: credit number 2484 WorkShop


Thank you so much!


Other ways you can help:

  • share this call with your network on social media;

  • become an 'ambassador' and help promote our plan (e.g. a 'Do Good Campaign') among groups that have an affinity with our mission, for example: vocational training centers, technical schools, hardware stores, furniture stores and hobby/sewing shops and clubs;

  • involve your company/school/church and start a (Christmas/New Year) sponsorship campaign;

  • invite us for an (online) Meet&Greet to promote our plan to you and your team;

  • help us find potential donors to whom we can send our proposal.

Be blessed,

Susanne & the team 


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