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Donate 100 euro and have a chance to win a ticket to Tanzania! #100x100campaign

Updated: Mar 21

Dear Family, Friends, Supporters, and Africa lovers,

How cool would it be if you could come visit us when the Work&Shop is built? Have you always wanted to travel to Africa or would you like to come back again?

Then this is your chance to win a plane ticket to Tanzania plus two free nights and a cultural tour of the city of Mwanza (by me! I'll let you see all the beautiful places and get acquainted with the culture)!

With this 100x100 campaign, we are trying to inspire 100 people in a short period of time (from now until January 31) to donate 100,- euro each for the realization of the Work&Shop Creative Center in Mwanza!

With every 100,- euro we can buy 8 bags of cement, or 160 bricks, or 40 planks of wood, or 7 roof panels...!


Are you ready to participate? You have a chance to win when you:

  1. Donate 100 euros via the GoFundMe page (mention your full name).

  2. You encourage at least 1 other person in your network to do the same.


PLEASE NOTE! We will only raffle the plane ticket once we have received all 100 donations by 30th of April! So if you seriously want to have a chance, help us SHARE - SHARE - SHARE this campaign! If we receive more than 100 donations (I'm very optimistic haha!), we will consider raffling a second ticket.

Further information:

  • Return flight ticket maximum price 1200 euros and can be used freely during the year;

  • You may 'donate' the ticket to a friend or family member (that's completely up to you);

  • Location for the two overnight stays in consultation (depending on whether you come alone or together);

  • Excluding visa, national flight, safari, food & beverage, personal expenses.

  • Have you already made a donation (less than 100 euros) and would you like to participate in this campaign? Then transfer the difference amount and we will see it in the administration (you can app me if you want).

  • We will announce the winner on Friday 3rd of May via a live video on this website. The person will be personally informed in advance.

We made this video to kick off this campaign. Let's 'build' together the future of young people in Mwanza! Thank you!

[The video lasts 1min43s. personal photos and videos. music from]

The link to the GoFundMe page:

These donations will ultimately be deposited into the account of the Bresillac Foundation. 

The foundation has an ANBI status.

If you want to help us in another way, you can of course! Some ideas:

  • Become a donor and deposit an amount of your choice every month into the Bresillac Foundation account; NL12ABNA0400614030 (mention credit number 2484) (read full account details on this page).

  • Share this call with your network on social media;

  • Become an 'ambassador' and help promote our plan among groups that have an affinity with our mission, for example: vocational training centers, technical schools, hardware stores, furniture stores and hobby/sewing shops and clubs;

  • Involve your company/school/church and start a (New Year's) sponsorship campaign;

  • Invite us for an (online) Meet&Greet to promote our plan to you and your team;

  • Help us find potential donors to whom we can send our proposal.

A BIG THANK YOU! We wish you all a happy and healthy new year 2024!

Susanne & team: Elizabeth, Ester, Gilbert, Laurent

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